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Account of Expenses

Account of Expences in the Mexican Voyage

30th June

2 lbs preserved Ginger -8s 6d
1 lb pine apple Jam - 3s
Boat hire from Kingston to P. Royal - 4s
Washing - 4s
3 Gallons Rum (lost by one of our men) - 12s
and therefore I got -
3 Gallons more - 12s
2 Bottles of Castor oil - 6s
2 Bottles of Cayenne pepper - 3s
Medecine - 6d

Belize in Bay of Honduras
To imitation panama Hat - 12s
To Spanish Hammock - 12s
To Refreshments - 2s

At Tampico
July 3
To Refreshment &.c - 2s

To Coffee – medicine &.c - 2s 6d

At Havanna
Augs.t  9
1 Pot of Preserved limes - 4s 8d
1 Pot of preserved Pines - 4s 8d
4 Boxes of Guava Jelly - 8s 6d
100 limes - 1s
1 half Box of Calanas Cegars (500) - £1 6s
1 half a quarter Box (125) - 6s

Carry over £6 14s 4d

Augs.t 9
1 lb of Sul: Carbon: Sodae - 3s 
Rhubarb 3iz. - 2s
Coffee - 4s 2d
Refreshment - 4s 

£7 7s 6d

Pines, 14 in number - 6s

£7 13s 6d

9th 1830

Received from Capt.n Snell one Doubloon Spanish Money which I repaid on the 23d Sept.r 1830 Vide below.

Account between Capt.n Snell and myself. –

Thursday 23d Sept.r 1830
Salary paid me by Capt.n Snell - £10 
Back money from M.r Geach - £6
To receive in London, as duty on cigars and part of my pay - £11 4s
Doubloon which I borrowed at Havanna - £3 3s
Amount receiv.d - £30 17s

Now my pay being due from 3d April 1830 to Saturday 18th Sept.r 1830 (24 weeks) makes the sum of -  £48
From which - £30 17s
Being subtracted leaves - £17 3s

Still unpaid -

Buenos Ayres Ria de la Plata
12th February 1831
Received from Captain Snell the sum of ten sovereigns, which subtracted from £17 3s, leaves £7 3s due to me when we came to Falmouth 9th June 1831.

N.B. I have not the particulars of my boarding expenses - because as there were three of us living together, our expenses were put down in a House Book in common - and this House Book belonged to M.r Robert Symons.