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Voyage 6

Voyage 6

Journal of a Voyage from Falmouth to St Domingo, Mexico & Havanna, & back

Sailed 24th April -
Returned 12th September 1830

Absent 20 weeks & 2 days

During James’ sixth voyage, this time to the Caribbean, he met some very interesting characters. Among the passengers on the Duke of York were an Apothecary & Druggist from Truro who decided to up-sticks to Kingston with no prospect of employment; a French priest with a very chequered past who was hoping for a fresh start in Mexico after thumping a parishioner; and a young Catholic priest destined for Jamaica after being discharged with disgrace from Port au Prince. When you add to the mix accounts of gambling, fandango dancing, mosquitoes and a discussion with an American doctor at Jacquamel about the state of the locals’ bowels, it makes for an interesting read.

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