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Ship’s Company

Lt. W.m James - Commander
John Pascoe - Master
James Williamson - Surgeon
James Evenet - Mate
James Edwards - Steward
Philip Westcott* - Steward’s Mate
John Woon** - Carpenter
William Stevens - Sail Maker
James Quintral~*~ - Cook
George Kenaway - Boatswain
Dyonisius Williams - A.B.
Alexander Webb - A.B.
Joseph Stevens - A.B.
John Sedgeman - A.B.
Charles Richards}alias Quintral - A.B.
William Hunkin# - A.B. in the room of Philip Westcott
William Hockin# - A.B.
John Pascoe# - young lad
Thomas Pascoe# - young lad
John Jenkins# - young lad
John Harvey# - young lad
Besides 3 boys ~ John Evenet ~ John Sedgeman & Rich.d Pascoe.

* Pashbee is gone Captain’s Cook on board the Pike Schooner
** Gustavius Glasson was shipped on board the Flamer steamer
~*~ William Burton has got a birth in another Packet
# Henry Sandow & Peter James ~ both gone on board the same Merchantman
# James Lewis discharged
# Edward Oke discharged
# Thomas Knight discharged