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Voyage 15

Voyage 15
James' illustration of an Indian woman "with her head enveloped in a cloth cap"

III Voyage to Halifax 

Notices of A Voyage from Falmouth to Halifax and back

Sailed 5th July 1834
Returned 1st September 1834

Absent 8 weeks & 3 days

This voyage began with excellent weather conditions resulting in a very speedy journey so much so that, because of the fair winds, they achieved half the distance to Halifax in just 2 weeks. James seems to rather enjoy this voyage with "everything and every body on board ... in the most comfortable order."

He notes that The Duke has been "titivated up", having been repaired and painted, and looks "as if she had just come off the stocks and was preparing for her maiden voyage."

Because they had such a speedy journey to Halifax they were able to stay there for 18 days, during which they visited an Indian community and went to see a canal under construction. 

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